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"We gravitate towards Lamb's more optimistic message about what Texas offers and the need to listen to the families in the district."

Sarah is a Republican running for State Representative in District 114.

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Learn more about Sarah's stances on property taxes & more.



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Block walking, poll greeting & more small ways to make a big impact.

For Texas Families

I'm running for House District 114 because my children deserve the same opportunity and optimism I had when I moved to Texas. Our state is the embodiment of the American Dream. I'll fight to ensure the families of Dallas County can achieve theirs.


New Leadership

for Dallas

Across Dallas County, parents, taxpayers, small business owners, and Texans from every background are fighting back against big government and career politicians.

Where Sarah Stands
on the Issues


Property Taxes

Getting skyrocketing property taxes under control.


Border Security

Protecting Texans by securing the border.


Public Safety

Advocating for strong and well-funded police forces.



Giving parents peace of mind about their children's education.

Fighting for Taxpayers

With your help, we can take back HD 114 for the people. Career politicians have lost touch with our priorities, and my opponent has run for office over the last 48 years. Our families need a new generation of Texans to fight for lower taxes, safer communities, and the best education opportunities in the nation. I humbly ask for your vote!

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