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Learn more about where Sarah stands on some of the most pressing issues facing both our nation and the state of Texas.

Private Property

Property Taxes

Our property taxes have spiraled out of control. The Texas Legislature needs to prioritize using Texas' unprecedented surplus to provide relief, and work hard to enact permanent reforms. Our neighbors are being priced out of their homes because of the steep increases in property taxes. Our appraisal protest process needs more transparency and efficiency to ensure that we are not pricing folks out of their homes with inflated tax bills.

Police Car

Public Safety

We must support our men and women in uniform, and stand up for the rule of law. Too many of our police forces are underfunded and understaffed, and this is hurting our communities. I vow to advocate for strong police forces and work with our municipalities to ensure they have the support they deserve.


Border Security

The current administration has failed this country spectacularly and left our great state vulnerable. Republicans and Democrats alike now realize we must stem the tide of illegal immigration, human trafficking, and drug trafficking. It's time to secure the border in Texas, and for voters to throw out politicians who refuse to tackle the issue.

Chemistry Class


A strong Texas economy means well-funded public schools. I'll fight to keep our economy #1 nationwide. I'll also work hand in hand with other legislators to ensure parents have total access to what their children are learning, and that they have options if their local school is failing. As a parent with children in DISD, I vow to prioritize education and ensure our children’s safety. No parent should have to worry about the curriculum being taught to our children or their safety while in school.

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